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Sigrid's deep healing bodywork is a magical and transformative experience. During my sessions, she intuitively tuned into my body to help me release core energetic blocks, which opened my heart and restored balance to my mind, body, and soul.

Dr. Lyndsay A. Hoyle, Medium 

Sigrid is a healing goddess who I am wildly grateful to have received deep healing from. She is powerfully intuitive and brings a real sense of Spirit into everything she does. The physical ease that she brought to my body was as intense as the mental softening and soulful strengthening. With Siggy, I felt held and nurtured, blessed by her experience, overwhelmed by her compassion, and surrounded by her connection to Spirit. Her healing voice, her physical talent, her intuitive flow and her wild love are like no other. 

Kris Franken, Spiritual Writer and Mentor, Reiki Healer and Psychic Clairvoyant  

I had my first Ka Huna Healing with Sigrid in May 2018. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a Ka Huna massage, but I certainly underestimated the power that is held within such a sacred practice and the healing that channelled through the gorgeous Siggy. 


I started to see Siggy due to my chronic back pain and battling mild depression. After I received my first massage, I felt a noticeable shift in my mood and energy levels. I have continued to work with Siggy monthly.


Not only do I receive the benefits that I would hope for from a massage (relaxation, blissing out etc.), I experience emotional and physical releases (including old trauma I had no idea I was holding on to), I receive messages that I need to hear, I feel the energy shift and my mental state change. After each of my treatments with Siggy, I feel energised, inspired, lighter and brighter.


Sigrid holds such a supportive space with love and strength. Thank you for supporting me in my healing process, you are a magical medicine women. Love and light to you x

Jaime Lauren, Holistic Yoga Instructor and Women Circle Facilitato

Sigrid intuitively blends oracle cards, meditation and contact with spiritual guides and ancestrors to offer a highly shamanic and practical council. Sigrid is a spiritual sister in session, using her intuitive powers and shamanic wisdom to melt the trappings of physical reality and seek and speak to the depths of her client's souls. Sigrid's readings are perfect for seekers in need of extra guidance, realignment or anyone who might be desiring clarity and support in their life's journey, be it past, future or present.

Marcus, Psychology Student and Musician 

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