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  • Clears energy blockages

  • Works to the bones- where ancestor wisdom is held

  • Intuitive 

  • Sound healing 

  • Reconnects self to soul

  • Dropping into deep space of healing 


 Recommended for;

  • Emotional hardships

  • To re-balance and integrate changes

  • Support during periods of stagnancy and uncertainty

  • Reconnect to heart 

  • Grounding and getting rooted into physical if disconnected

1 hr 30 min |  $$$$

Hawaiian Bodywork
Ka Huna & Lomi Lomi Massage
Ka Huna Pregnancy Massage

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  • Powerful rebalancing energy work

  • Relieves muscular tension through deep tissue and stretches

  • Sound healing and voice toning 

  • Reconnects self to truth

  • Long flowing relaxing massage 

  • Pule, prayerful intention and connection to ancestors 

                            South Coast prices   

1 hr |  $120

                                   1 hr 30 min |  $150

Newtown bookings 





Remedial Massage

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  • Combination of deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and stretches. 

  • Best for soft tissue injuries, tight and sore muscles. Improving range of movement and joint mobility. 

South coast prices  

1 hr | $110

Health Fund Rebates Available

Newtown bookings 

Reiki Healing & Reiki Massage 

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  • Energy healing helps to support during emotional times. 

  • Helps to relieve physical ailments- menstrual cramps, stomach issues, holistic cancer support, detoxification process.

  • Combination of hands on healing, gentle somatic touch to address emotions held in body, toning with voice and chakra balancing. 

Recommended for;

  • Clearing energy bodies and balancing chakras.

  • Negative attachments need releasing

  • Stress relief, depression, anxiety relief  


South Coast Prices:      

Reiki Healing: 1 hr  |  $120

Reiki with Massage: 1 hr | $150 

Newtown bookings  




Womb Healing Massage

Beginning with talk story we explore your unique journey with your body, your connection with your womb space. In a deep honouring of you this ceremony seeks to unite all parts of your feminine self that have been shamed, hidden, disowned, or abandoned. Flowing elemental bodywork, abdominal massage and womb massage. Shamanic drum journey to your womb space part of the ritual flow.

South Coast prices: 
1 hour and 30 minutes


Newtown bookings 
1:1 session

An ancient Hawaiian form of forgiveness therapy. Sigrid, as a Luna Ho'oponopono, will help to guide you to identify and remove the blockages in your life, so you can restore your harmonious relationship with spirit. Hawaiian healing stories, pule (prayer) and chants are shared to integrate the healing experience.


This form of Ho'oponopono is from the lineage of Kumu Kawika Foster, Molokai, HI.


Sessions online via zoom or in person. 


$150 for 1.5 hours 

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